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Pamela Jones,

From the depths of hell to freedom and beyond, an amazing young woman triumphs over impossible odds to find personal and financial success. Now Pamela shares her story of the empowering struggle that has led her to be one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers.
Pamela Jones inspires with a powerful message of survival and perseverance appropriate for any audience. Her story captivates listeners, motivating them to stay focused on their goal and not listen to those who warn of failure. Pamela knows from experience you can rise from even the most devastating experiences to find a fulfilling, joyous life.
Pamela energizes audiences with the news anyone can achieve success even if the odds against you are overwhelming. Using her background of escaping a nightmare existence in a foreign land Pamela delivers a dynamic presentation providing proof the human spirit can soar beyond even the most catastrophic circumstances.
Why does Pamela take time from her business and career to talk with people about success? Pamela says, “I want everyone to know no matter how difficult a goal seems, if you are motivated and dedicate yourself to succeeding, no one can stand in your way.”  
When Pamela speaks, people listen and learn from her awe-inspiring story. Pamela was literally born into a cult of abuse, violence, and virtual slavery. When she was fifteen she was forced into a different cult even worse than the one she had known. Trapped in a world of hatred, racism and constant pregnancy, Pamela found the courage to overcome insurmountable odds to escape from her tormentors and make a future for her and her nine children. Pamela’s story is inspiring and motivating, a stirring testament to the enduring human spirit.    

Pamela says, “I love inspiring people to look at their goal, and not at all the reasons they might fail. You must believe in yourself, no matter how many obstacles. The journey is all worth it once you reach your goals. If I could go back and talk to my terrified fifteen-year-old self and give her one word of advice, of comfort it would be this - Your life is going to be so much brighter and more fulfilling than you can possibly imagine. You will overcome every obstacle, every terrible event, but you must believe in your own abilities. Growing up will be difficult and dangerous but -  when you escape from the misery of this life you get to be – me!” Pamela smiles as she takes in all that she has accomplished. She created a life of joy from the ashes of her past. After a lifetime of abuse, Pamela made her escape with her nine children, a tank of gas, $5.00, and a credit card she didn’t know how to use. Because Pamela and her children had never known about the world outside the cult she had no work experience to enable finding a job and no idea how to find help. When she turned to her birth family she found no acceptance. Her blood relatives turned their backs on Pamela and the children. The young mother and her nine children were all alone with nowhere to turn for help. Instead of allowing despair to overwhelm her, Pamela dug deep to find her inner strength and resolve to make her way in this new world. Today Pamela is living a rewarding and fulfilling life with her family because of her determination and drive.
Though Pamela was facing seemingly insurmountable difficulties she never lost sight of her goal. Her message of unswerving dedication to finding freedom will inspire any group, of any age. Are your employees in a slump? Is your staff in a rut and no innovative ideas are forthcoming? Need a motivational speaker for a sports team? Who will give a talk at your community meeting? Where can you find an inspirational speaker for the youth group? Or the seniors? Teachers? College students?
When the question is “Where can I find the best inspirational speaker?” The answer is Pamela Jones! Pamela has the insight to help listeners find their inner strength and harness that reserve to overcome obstacles to success. She can tailor her presentation for any group or organization. Her story of survival and journey to an independent, fulfilling life as an entrepreneur will inspire your group to believe in themselves while working towards their goal. Through her life story Pamela introduces audiences to the unlimited potential inside each of us and explains how to unlock the hidden resources.

When you need an inspiring motivational speaker, you need Pamela Jones!


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Pamela Jones  Biography,

With extreme motivation and speaking from her heart about her life journey, Pamela is an outstanding inspiration. She and her children escaped a Mexican cult with only a 5 dollar bill, a tank of gas, and a credit card in her name. (that she found in her then husbands belongings that she did not know existed) She had no idea where that courage was going to take, but she kept her head up and kept moving forward with a will to save her children. Pamela had been an extreme example to the people. One of great obedience. No one would have guessed the strength building inside this girl. For she had never challenged a soul, an idea or anything that was asked of her.  She was taught to believe anything she did contrary to what her father, husband, or church told her, will cause God to striker her dead. With that in mind, she did the utterly unthinkable, the unforgivable.... she escaped.
In her words:
“It was pitch black outside that February morning. I swooped my baby up in my arms after loading all the other children in my van. I took one more look around the impoverished house I called home. As I walked out over the threshold of the four adobe walls, I took a deep breath with such fear I’d never felt before, looked up to the heavens and said ‘Take my life and when we met… I’ll explain.’”
And so, the audacious journey began right there at that moment. Everyone she knew had turned away for fear of getting involved. Many said you wouldn't make it…you are a women of nothing… no one will want you or help you… you will lose everything including your family. Doors were closed. Phone calls rejected and the false chatter began. Even though almost all odds were against her, she never looked back.
    It has always been Pamela’s passion to encourage and uplift people around her to greatness. Her story in itself is enough, but her capability to communicate to her audience and touch the hearts of people is empowering.
    Now as a very successful entrepreneur, Pamela is living in Minneapolis MN with all nine of her children, seven in-laws, and twenty-two grandchildren. She carries an immense amount of gratitude with her daily. Pamela has helped others to do the same by living authentic, genuine, wealthy and free. She has changed lives, encouraged many people and motivated entrepreneurs by never forgetting her daily declaration, ‘I can. I will. What is next?!”



What's your story? If a picture paints a thousand words..... what dose a whole life time of pictures paint? How many words?

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Pamela Jones