The bitting dog.

Hello out there, so I've been thinking a lot about old situations or times in my life., and the little story about how the dog bites came to my mind. I've been telling this story for at least 17 years it went like this. There is a dog owner taking his very old dog out for a very, very short walk while waiting for the street cross light to change. A family comes to the corner to wait on the crossing signal as well. They have a 4 year old little girl who is screaming shaking, crying , and the words coming out of her mouth were "No no dogie bite mamma! Ouch mamma dogie bite me!" Trying to get away screaming "Please, please no dogie bite my hand off!" The father noticed that the dog is old, blind, toothless, and the owner has it in a mussel. He tries to get his daughter to see that, so he takes her hand, and says "Nice dogie, nice dogie, and tries to rub the back of the dog to help his daughter not to be afraid. The owner of the dog tried as well, because the little girl is beside herself with fear! The signal changes, and the father picks the little girl up into his arms, and precedes to sooth her saying "Daddy's got you, you're okay. Dogies all gone now." When I'd tell this story I'd think if someone believes something no matter the truth ( toothless, blind and mussel) their whole experience is responding to their truth! That is that, but lately I've been looking back on areas of my life like the little girl, where I could only see that the dog I can see the situation like the dog... blind, toothless, old and mussel!!! It's like the things I was so afraid of, or that I thought would hurt me to no end, are as if they were marshmallows,  and power less. I can even laugh at some of it!! I'm getting my strength back! The fear is gone, and I can truly be at peace! It is so amazing!!

Well I'd better let you go for now before I start to write a book!   

Until soon. XOXO

Pamela Jones