Vanilla Pudding: Making Pure Connections

Vanilla Pudding: Making Pure Connections


How pure are your connections? Are you tired of empty conversations and fake connections? Have you ever had a party where everyone unplugged? Are you using watered-down vanilla to try and make your pudding?



Don’t go back and read it again - yes, I said pudding. Maybe you already know my love of sweets (and metaphors) and are smiling, waiting to see where this goes. Don’t worry! I’m going to explain.


Making pure connections is as important as making that family recipe of vanilla pudding with the good pure vanilla. You wouldn’t water it down and expect a good result. But that’s exactly what we do on a daily basis! We miss out on pure connections when we let our distractions take over. We water down our connections and wonder why? Why are we still lonely? Why aren’t we getting the results we want? Just like when you use pure vanilla to make that vanilla pudding, when you make a pure connection it is satisfying and it always has you coming back for more.


The change is in you. Put your phone away, and put yourself out there in your purest form. You’ll see! People will go away with a big juicy bite of PURE YOU. And you know what? Not only will they have a better understanding of you, but you will have inspired them to be their pure authentic selves. And then they’ll be serving up their own vanilla pudding - or, hey! Maybe theirs is chocolate.



Pamela Jones