Speak up and speak your truths! Pamela Speaks

Pamela Jones, a Twin Cities Motivational Speaker, inspires you to take your life into your own hands and be brave. To speak up and to speak your truth. Pamela stresses the importance of embracing your truth and overcoming the past in order to experience life fully.

Pamela speaks of her own dark journey to inspire others to be true to themselves and rise above obstacles that can so easily leave us unmotivated or in fear. By telling her truths to the world, Pamela inspires us to embrace the future and choose happiness. In turn, through understanding and speaking our own truths, we too become open to the abundance of life.

With her zest for life, it may be hard to believe the adversity Pamela has gone through to escape a life of powerlessness, fear, and hardship.  Of her choosing happiness in the face of adversity.
Her need to make it out of an oppressive life not only carved out her own path to greatness, but also taught her many lessons on self worth, speaking up for herself and choosing to do more with life. Pamela speaks on these lessons to motivate us all to find our own voices and speak our own truths in order to thrive.

Escaping a cult in Mexico with her children and only a few belongings, she stretched her resources and made a new life for herself and her family. They may have slipped into the night to find their way out of a life of poverty and oppression, but her journey was not over. After being a loyal and obedient wife, daughter, and member of the community, for years not questioning those in power, she pursued her own truth. She tenaciously made the choice every day - not to simply choose happiness but to create it. Now Pamela speaks her truths to inspire her clients to do the same.